Voices of Fernhill

Bill Gaffi

General Manager, Clean Water Services

If Mother Nature could speak, what would she have us do for the Tualatin River Watershed? We need to make it easy for people to connect with nature and inspire them to make good choices for our water resources.

Diane Taniguchi-Dennis

Deputy General Manager, Clean Water Services

One of the goals is to bring people back to the water and to understand how we are all conntected to the Tualatin River.

Hoichi Kurisu

President, Kurisu International

In our busy, stressful lives, a restorative garden offers glimpses of a butterfly, a tree, a waterfall as a way to reconnect to our nature.

John Dummer

Project Manager, Clean Water Services

Natural treatment wetlands naturalize the water and are less expensive than expanding a wastewater treatment facility.

Rich Hunter

Program Manager, Clean Water Services

Fernhill Wetlands is a vital part of the watershed ecosystem serving as the natural link between the treatment facility and the Tualatin River.

Peter Truax

Mayor, City of Forest Grove

Fernhill Wetlands brings people to Forest Grove, and the treatment facility and wetlands allow the community to grow while preserving the small town lifestyle.

Victoria Lowe

Council Member, Fernhill Wetlands

We're protecting Fernhill Wetlands for the community and future generations, and the environmental approach of the natural treatment wetlands are a win-win for everybody.

Rich VanBuskirk

Associate Professor, Pacific University

Pacific University students experience wetlands and riparian restoration in action from Clean Water Services projects at Fernhill Wetlands.

Vanessa Gray

Principal, Forest Grove Community School

Children need a place nearby, like Fernhill Wetlands is for my family and students, to explore nature and escape the tyranny of technology.

Gene Herb

Co-Founder, Fernhill Wetlands Management Council

Since the early wetland enhancements in the 1980s, we've learned that diverse plant species, gentle slopes and irregular shapes attract a diversity of birds and wildlife to the wetlands.

Greg Johnson

Co-Founder, Fernhill Wetlands Management Council

Reuse water is cleaner than the Tualatin River, which is getting cleaner all the time, and reuse water has a bright future.

David Morelli

Resident, Forest Grove

Ice age floods deposited fertile soil in the Tualatin Valley that formed wetlands and became gardens for indigenous people.

Greg Gillson

Birder and Photographer

Even beginning birders can enjoy the challenge of identifying the many rare birds that come to Fernhill Wetlands.

Bob Baumgartner

Regulatory Affairs, Clean Water Services

Natural treatment systems have much less construction cost and operating costs than conventional treatment. They will produce the kind of water that nature expects in the river.

Carol Murdock

Watershed Management, Clean Water Services

Using the inherent ability of wetlands to filter and clean water costs less. Fernhill balances regulatory needs with wildlife habitat enhancement and community involvement..

Carolyn McCormick

Washington County Visitor's Association

These gardens are an inspiration, giving a sense of quiet, peace and serenity. Available regardless of age, race or physical ability, Fernhill is also a stop on the Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway.

Howard Sullivan

Forest Grove-Cornelius Chamber of Commerce

Clean Water Services is cleaning the water in a natural way. As the water that is cleaned here flows east in the Tualatin River, Fernhill will impact a large part of Washington County.

Eric Brattain

Fernhill Wetlands Council

This great open space really can clear your mind. We are building the Friends of Fernhill Wetlands to educate people about the critical role wetlands play in clean water and wildlife habitat.

Jared Kinnear

Wetland Ecologist, Clean Water Services

We're catering to all sorts of users, strategically implementing the project to provide places for wildlife while we do the work. The birds, and plants and people are telling me we’re doing the right thing.

Maggie Pike

Owner, Maggie's Buns Restaurant

The water is absolutely sparkling. There are fabulous trees starting to grow, wonderful trails and solitude away from the craziness. It gives me a place to slow down and relax.