“We need more places for children to explore nature and be disconnected from the tyranny of technology.” Vanessa Gray, Principal, Forest Grove Community School

Education & Community

People are excited about Fernhill. Teachers, families, nature lovers, scientists and those who work and play in the surrounding community are already seeing positive changes in the landscape and the wildlife.

Young Researchers Report Fernhill Results

On May 19, 2015, fifth and sixth graders from Forest Grove Community School formally presented the results of their research at Fernhill Wetlands to parents and Clean Water Services employees. Students who studied amphibians and insects said, “The best part was the moment of suspense before lifting up the critter board to see what would be underneath.” Those who tracked construction of the natural treatment wetlands observed, “In November it was wet and there was vegetation. It was gloomy and bare in February. In May, it was greener and the trucks and equipment were gone.” Others who studied human impacts of the research projects concluded, “We did not leave a negative human impact, or at least our impact was minimal.” You can take a look all the student data, photos and reports at http://waterinthegrove.weebly.com/



Clean Water Services will continue to build treatment wetlands and improve habitat at Fernhill.  Other features that complement water quality may also be added. Some examples include a community garden, new trails, bird boxes and interpretive signage.

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Local Students Reflect on Fernhill


Fernhill is an outdoor classroom for Tualatin Valley Academy students who, guided by science teacher Phil Kahler, were published in Cornell Lab of Ornithology 2013 BirdSleuth Investigator. Look for Kolby and Corey’s articles on pages 11 and 12.