The Design and Planning of Fernhill

For the past several years, Clean Water Services staff and consultants have worked extensively on the design and construction of the natural treatment wetlands at Fernhill. The Natural Treatment System (NTS) has been designed with precise depths, slopes and channels in order to guide water through wetland plants and soil to further cleanse, cool and naturalize water before it's returned to the Tualatin River.

Optimizing Project Costs

Wastewater treatment during the summer at Forest Grove is not possible without modifications to the treatment facility. Instead of investing in concrete and steel infrastructure at Clean Water Services' Rock Creek Facility to treat these flows, the NTS at Fernhill was developed to provide an “ecosystem process” that eliminates conventional treatment systems. The NTS acts as a bridge from conventional wastewater treatment to river discharge. The project meets all federal and state permit requirements. Offset project costs for treating the water naturally is roughly $13 million dollars.

what's to come

Denitrification Wetlands

Clean Water Services is planning to design and construct an additional process within the Fernhill Natural Treatment System. This new treatment process will aim to reduce copper and nitrate in the water. More details will be provided in the coming months.

Fernhill Planning Documents

Clean Water Services has implemented and is furthering many plans for this site. Learn more about the efforts we have been making at Fernhill in the planning documents below. 

For more information, please contact Jared Kinnear