"Together we are creating a legacy for our communities and region."

Diane Taniguchi-Dennis, CEO, Clean Water Services

Fernhill is part of more than 700 acres in Forest Grove owned by Clean Water Services for water resources management. Fernhill utilizes natural treatment systems, or wetlands, to improve water quality by removing nutrients, cooling, and naturalizing the water after conventional treatment. Fernhill is designated an Important Bird Area and is also home to beavers, frogs, coyote and other wildlife.

Trails Temporarily Closed

Parts of the Fernhill Lake Loop trail will be closed to visitors from mid-August through October due to construction. Signs will be posted on site, check back for updates.

Fernhill voted Forest Grove favorite

Forest Grove News-Times readers named Fernhill in three categories as part of the annual Reader’s Choice Awards. Thanks to our community for helping make Fernhill great!

Fernhill featured at Water Conference

Fernhill’s Nutrient Filter (also known as the Vertical Flow Wetlands) and Floating Islands were featured in Clean Water Services’ innovation showcase at the 2018 Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference. Check out the innovations we are investing in.

nutrient filter testing

nutrient filter.jpg

North of the Fernhill shelter, about two acres of vertical flow, rock filter were recently constructed. The filter system was built on top of an asphalt liner and uses rocks to support organisms that remove pollutants from water. This type of filtration is another innovation in water treatment that is quite different from the 90-acre natural treatment wetlands to the south, that uses a diversity of native plants to filter water. Currently the filter is being tested and visitors may see water flowing in different sections of the filter. Once testing and alterations are complete, the surrounding area will be landscaped with native plants. A new ADA accessible trail will circle the new facility.

Destination Fernhill 

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It turns out, people are interested in knowing more about what happens after they flush the toilet. Read about how water treatment facilities, including Fernhill, are drawing the community into their world by building parks, hiking trails and attractive spaces. 


water treatment

Fernhill Natural Treatment System (NTS) creates an ecological bridge between treatment and the watershed, where water is cleansed further, cooled and naturalized before its return to the river.

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VOICES of fernhill

By award-winning director Peter Swanson and local film crews, these videos tell the story of the Fernhill project from the perspective of community leaders and Clean Water Services staff. 

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