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The Hot New Venue for Summer Weddings – Your Local Sewage Plant

Wastewater treatment has always been hidden away, as nobody wanted to be near it. Now utility managers are inviting the community into their world by building parks, hiking trails and attractive spaces for special events.

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Birds Thriving at fernhill

The natural treatment wetlands at Fernhill were created with care to benefit birds that rely on this Important Bird Area, and this Audubon report, Avian Response to Habitat Restoration at Fernhill Wetlands, proves that it's working! Check out this infographic, Birds Flock to Fernhill, to learn about the bird activity at Fernhill.


Fern Hill Finally Gets foolproof floodgates

Fern Hill Rd regularly floods during winter season. To keep motorists from driving onto flooded roads, Washington County has installed two permanent gates that will close when the road is unsafe to pass. Thank you for following the “ROAD CLOSED” signs.

2017 News Stories

Fern Hill finally gets foolproof floodgates, News Times, 11/2017

Spring National Wetlands Month, The Wetlands Conservancy, 04/2017